29 drowning spots identified by Maharashtra Govt.

29 drowning spots identified by Maharashtra Govt.


The Maharashtra state government has found 29 water bodies where the incidents of drowning have been more regular, which was mentioned by the Minister of State for Home Mr. Ranjit Patil, to the state assembly on Thursday.

He stated this as a response to the opposite party’s concern about the incidents of youngsters drowning in Mumbai and Nagpur while clicking selfies.

Mr. Patil also said that the state will be prepared with lifeguards and required equipment. The lifeguards will be patrolling these locations. “However the municipality should conduct annual check-up on the equipment so that they are up to date” he said.

He also said that they are planning to have a consolidation plan for Mumbai. “Mumbai beaches have about 37 lifeguards, and in this vulnerable season the number has been increased to 118. We are considering a consolidation plan for beaches at Dadar, Chowpatty, Juhu, Gorai and Versova which will include a watch tower, CCTV and a lifeguard” said Patil.