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    Mini Pancakes & more


    Quirky Food and Board Games: This New Cafe Is the best Hangout Spot


    Name: Fort001

    Location: Fort

    Cost: Rs 800 for two people

    Fort001 is a charming and a spacious cafe that is opened in Kala Ghoda, half a month back. Started off by Husband and wife, Harsh and Vidhi Parekh, the bistro has a vegetarian menu with a best dish being Jain dishes.

    It has a stunning stylistic theme – something that has been enlivened by the couple’s European holidays. It has a lot of regular light sifting in and is sufficiently enormous to oblige the suits from the Fort zone. It’s now turned into a prevalent office break home base and rolls out for an invigorating improvement.

    The menu is different with unique dishes like Usal Fondue and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We particularly adored the hariyali pav bhaji {made from green tomatoes}. Likewise, pay special mind to Nutella pizza and Cookie Monster – baked fresh and on order topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. The drinks menu includes mocktails and regular beverages. We recommend the chatka mary if you’re looking for something tangy.

    We believe it’s a crisp breath of progress for the office going individuals in Fort who’re generally encompassed by tall structures buildings and financial hubs.

    Got an hour long break? Head there and you can even play tabletop games.


    This Bandra Eatery Sells Mini Pancakes In Nutella, Twix, Cookie Crumble and More Irresistible Flavours

    Mini Pancakes & more
    Mini Pancakes & more

    Name: Mini Pancakes and More

    Location: Bandra

    Cost: Rs 300 for two people

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    We’d get a kick out of the chance to take this minute to admit that we trespassed with a crate of delightful outlet from Mini Pancakes and More-an enchanting new outlet on Carter Road, by J-Fries.

    A recently opened pearl for dessert mates, mini pancakes a surprisingly positive turn of events for the individuals who despise the chaos that pancakes may accompany. With varieties, for example, the exemplary Nutella and banana, maple syrup, honey and butter, salted caramel with banana, strawberry cream cheese, cookie crumble and Twix on the menu, we think the place is a winner already. Priced starting INR 110, you can also call for an assorted box of 8 where they’ll send a mixed bag of their delish bite-sized pancakes. We like that the pancakes are liberally beaten and still figure out how to hold the first flavors. On the off chance that you are celebrating cheat day and are feeling excessively liberal, go for their additional garnishes like Nutella or frozen yogurt.


    They do shakes like chocolate Monster {INR 180}, unicorn {INR 160}, which is a bubble-gum based treat and caramel {INR 160} that is finished with popcorn. In the event that you would prefer not to match the hotcakes with something rich, go for their mock-tails beginning at INR 120.


    Copper Chimney Is Hosting A Biryani Festival Through July!



    Copper Chimney is one of Mumbai’s most evergreen haunts for Indian food. Try walking in for a weekend meal and you’ll know what we mean.

    What makes the Copper Chimney story special is their 4 decades in the food business, consistently serving authentic dishes using cooking techniques and recipes from undivided north India – right from Delhi to Peshawar.

    The tradition is limited to cooking, however, as the ambience and service follows modern trends, reflecting the restaurant’s tasteful origins. After hosting the recently successful Great Indian Kebab festival, Copper Chimney is now displaying its unique spices and ingredients for a range of biryanis from the north-west frontier region of India.

    The biryanis will be prepared using tender pieces of meat/vegetables, in long grains of saffron rice. The aromas and spices used will be special for its depth of flavour, offering a wider range to the keen biryani connoisseur.

    The ‘Dum’ technique of cooking will be employed, wherein a heavy-bottomed pot (handi) will house layers of delicately scented rice and meat. Sealed and cooked slowly over a low fire, such food offers deeper, richer, and infinitely more satisfying flavours.

    The preparation of these biryanis will be courtesy ‘Ustads’ – chefs with an in-depth knowledge of ingredients, decades of experience, and a nuanced understanding of textures and tastes. Each Ustad’s knowledge is translated in every Copper Chimney using tested techniques and fresh ingredients at the start of each day.

    The meaty biryanis we’re keeping an eye out for include Yakhani Chaap Biryani (tender mutton chops cooked Yakhani style with Kashmiri garam masala & caramelized onion), Chicken Roast Biryani (a Delhi-favourite recipe of chicken marinated in garlic-ginger paste and sundried chillies), Chicken Tikka Biryani (which involves a secret Punjabi Masala), and a unique Awadhi Seafood Biryani (a mix of prawns and fish, dum-cooked with fresh mint, coriander, green chilli, and lemon).

    Vegetarian options include a Kashmiri Paneer Biryani, which has a biryani pulao with fresh cottage cheese and nuts, and an Aloo-Makai Biryani with potato cubes and golden corn cooked in Basmati rice.

    The biryanis are served with a jeera-pudina raita, and we bet a ‘handi’ of biryani will only leave you craving for some more!

    Copper Chimney has been a pioneer in Indian cuisine and as they rightly put it, Copper Chimney, since 1972, Indian Food, Made Unforgettable.

    (Biriyani Specials until 24th July, Time: 12 to 4 PM and 7 PM to 11:30 PM, Worli Res – 42124212 /42124214, Pune – 020 -66890901)


    Coffee Lovers, We’ve Got News! Blue Tokai Has Finally Opened Their Second Cafe In Bandra

    Blue Tokai
    Blue Tokai

    Name: Blue Tokai Coffee Roaster

    Location: Bandra

    Cost: Rs 400 for two people

    Caffeine lovers of Mumbai, hold up your glasses to the sky as Blue Tokai Roasters have at long last opened their bistro in Bandra and we can’t sit tight to go out for a quick coffee date.

    Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters opened up their first since forever bistro in Mahalaxmi in Mumbai a year ago, and us caffeine addicts, sorry, lovers were delighted. In the wake of prodding us for over a year or something like that, they have at last propelled their second bistro in Bandra on July 3, so we accompany newly blended news.

    The Bandra outlet is situated at Pali hill and effectively makes for 20-seater bistro. Like the bistro in Mahalaxmi, the Bandra outlet has a small cae menu alongside their blends menu.

    As the norm is, they will have Coffee Roasting Days wherein they will roast fresh coffee beans on the spot and educate yourself on the different kinds of beans they source from around the country {ask them for their roasting days}.

    And for the ones looking for the coffee menu, there’s not one but two coffee menu – one for cold brews and one for hot brews. Expect your regular espresso shots, cortado, americano, mocha, cappuccino and for cold brews, there’s iced espresso, iced latte, affogato coffee tonic and more.


    Get Drinks At Half The Price All Monsoon At This New Terrace Bar In Andheri


    Name: Oozo

    Location: Andheri East

    Cost: Rs 1200 for two people

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Oozo is the newest restaurant and bar to have opened in Saki Naka, and we’re keeping this info bookmarked for our friends in Andheri East.

    Andheri East’s most recent offering is all that you require for a decent young ladies night out – sheesha, great food, and reasonable liquor.

    On the menu they have fascinating starters and mains which are genuinely worldwide, and running from mainland, Korean, Greek {hence the word oozo for ouzo}, Mexican and even with hints of Middle Eastern cooking. From mini cheesy poppadoms, romesco potato bites, servings of mixed salads and soups, sambal baby potatoes, fire fiery mushrooms, kebabs like anise paneer tikka, and chicken tikka, and that’s just the beginning.

    They even have sizzlers {Mumbai’s fave}, pizzas and pastas on offer as well.

    Through the rainstorm, they have an extraordinary liquor offer occurring with 50 for each penny off on all beverages – okay!


    There’s a New Resto-Bar In Lower Parel That Serves Gluten-Free Food and Potent Drinks


    Name: POH – Progressive Oriental house

    Location: Lower parel

    Cost: Rs 2500 for two people

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    The most recent expansion to Kamala Mills’ diner POH is serving a mindfully-curated menu that serves the needs of a sedentary lifestyle. Yes, you read it right. Kamala Mill’s most recent offering, Progressive Oriental House is Wasabi head chef expert Vikramjeet Roy’s child. A quick chat with him, and we find that he’s figured out how to strike an adjust that few have figured out how to pull off. Taking food science and intertwining it with components to make something that is suited to the current way of life. In case you’re spending the day before a computer there’s no point devouring plentiful measures of carbs. That makes sense.

    The food served at POH is gluten-free, lacto-fermented and not fried. The herbs come from Roy’s alma mater, Don Bosco School, produced organically by the students. The stars of the menu served on the launch night were the red Thai curry-infused cakes, mini chicken croissant, steamed chicken tartar, corn tempura and asparagus croissant.

    The bar’s idea is interesting as well. The divider has various drawers mounted on it with various ingredients stored in them. In the event that you need to be a piece of this roulette, agree to accept it by asking your server or bartender. Based on your choice of the drawer, they’ll make a drink for you. The idea originates from a Japanese rationality.


    This Circus-Themed Eatery In Mumbai Has A Buffet For Just INR 399

    Name: Mighty Small

    Location: Lower parel

    Cost: Rs 1000 for two people

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Called Mighty Small, it resides in Smaaash {a popular gaming zone} and has caught our attention with its theme. Who likes carnivals?

    With hand-painted table tops, red and white seating corners and a general chirpy feeling, Mighty Small is neither little in space nor its menu. They have a buffet from Monday to Friday, at INR 399. Other than the buffet, dishes like draw separated cheese bread that is presented with parsley butter {INR 249}, pizza {INR 549}, south Indian and north Indian fare are on the menu.

    We burrow their “Treats” segment. Included smaller than expected and mighty sizes, their treats area is a pleasure for dessert partners. Churros sprinkled with cinnamon sugar {INR 175}, layered cakes {INR 175}, brownies {INR 60} are on the menu.


    You can go for a chai glass at INR 50 or a sangria for INR 350. For the non-drinkers, you can sip on mock-tails starting at INR 120. A peg of whisky starts at INR 150 and so does rum. Hoarding only high-end brands, they have a pint of beer at INR 400 {Stella, Hoegaarden and Corona}.