Blue Whale Suicide Challenge results to Death of a Mumbai Teen

Blue Whale Suicide Challenge results to Death of a Mumbai Teen

Blue Whale Suicide Challenge Results To Death Of A Mumbai Teen

A 14 year old boy in Andheri committed suicide by jumping off from a building on Saturday. He even left a text on his friend’s phone,”I am going to the building to jump’. The boy was a class 9 student and had discussed the Blue whale game with his friends. He had even informed his friends regarding not coming to school anymore and even talked about suicide but his friends thought he was joking.

Source’s within Mumbai police says that the boy was believed to be addictive towards the online game known as “Blue whale”. However Cops have refused to confirm the news since the investigation is in process. The boy’s mobile phone and other gadgets are being examined to get a clear picture about the suicide’

Blue-Whale is a challenge based underground game that has already taken lives of hundreds of teenagers. The game gives players a series of 50 dares which includes things to torture or harm oneself by doing things like drawing a blue whale on paper and than carving it onto their body, watching horror movies alone etc.The final task is to commit suicide by jumping off a terrace building. The players also have to film the tasks and share as a proof to games administrator who then qualifies them for next dare.