Get rid of mosquitoes, get a blanket

Get rid of mosquitoes, get a blanket


Bubblegum-0799439133945Although Swine Flu may have taken over Dengue in recent times, the fact is that the mosquitoes won’t GO! And neither do the malaria, chukingunya and dengue cases in our neighbourhood.  Despite the plug-ins and the coils running all night, there is still a couple of mosquitoes in our bedrooms buzzing around our ears.

So here is what we recently discovered through an article in HR Brunch: a mosquito repellent blanket! No smoke, no odour, no creams, no side effects… and yet, no mosquitoes. Just a soft, warm mosquito repellent blanket. A product of Nidra Home, Mos-Quit-O claims itself to be a revolutionary and unique mosquito repellent product, an odourless, DEET-free blanket with zero side effects.

How it works 

The brainchild of Kasturi Poddar, director of Nidra Home,  the Mos-Quit-O blanket fabric is embedded with a special formulation, Permethrin, a chemical compound which when inhaled by the mosquito affects his nervous system and repels it and significantly reduces biting activity of the pesky insects. Permethrin has been known to be used as a treatment on American army uniforms for decades to repel insects on the battlefields.  Kasturi’s research and trials have been able to safely adapt this technique for domestic use. Mos-Quit-O is patent pending.

According to the World Health Organisation standards, Mos-Quit-O blanket has been deemed 100 percent effective as a repellent even after 50 washes and free of side effects, suitable for even newborns and infants.

Use it like any blanket

You use Mos-Quit-O like any normal blanket; it is designed for Indian summers. If too cold, you can drape it over your usual warm blanket. What do you do when you need to wash? Simple. Just throw it in the washing machine or in the bucket. Wash it like everything else. According to tests by WHO, it is 100% effective upto 50 washes. So if you wash it once a month, Mos-Quit-O proves effective for more than four years.

More power than plug-ins and coils

Over regular usage, one finds that most mosquito repellents have their drawbacks. Plug-ins and coils come with their side-effects, patches and wristbands are effective for a very short time span while insect repellent creams are a sheer inconvenience. Mos-Quit-O, on the other hand, is not only 100 percent effective, with zero side effects but also extremely convenient to use and handy for travel for camp sites and trekking in places where plug-points are unavailable.