‘Its Our Studio’ launch their flagship store in Mumbai

‘Its Our Studio’ launch their flagship store in Mumbai


Trendy and quirky lifestyle brand ‘Its Our Studio’ after being established and showcasing phenomenal variety of styles on its website has launched its flagship store in Tardeo, Mumbai, with boxes full of vibrant and eccentric accessories at competitive prices. Established in 2011 by Samir Virani, this new home of fabulous fashion accessories is a synonym for trendy yet sophisticated, peculiar and extremely functional everyday use products. With this launch, the brand known for its exquisite collection and customizing merchandises in many known films is sure to bring out the inner funk in every persons routine.

Speaking on the launch of ‘Its Our Studio’ store, Samir Virani says, “Planning is a key part of any successful procurement. ‘Its Our Studio’ offers a range of quality driven, innovative products in lifestyle, corporate and merchandising sector and is an established brand in its niche market. We don’t aim to cater only to the younger generation but infact would want to be known as a brand that has something for people of every age group. I am certain that the new store will help us successfully attain the target that we have set for the company as all products are exceptional and a design enthusiast’s delight”

‘Its Our Studio’ offers a variety of products and accessories like shot glasses, ashtrays, customized stationery, accessories, personalized gifts for occasions, and funky mugs for coffee and tea lovers and more exclusively made for you.