Monsoon Food – Places to visit this weekend


    There is nothing that gives us immense joy and happiness during the monsoon seasons except for Chai & Hot Pakoras.

    The month of July has something in the air every year, that makes Mumbaikar’s crave for deep fried delicious Pakodas with some hot chai. A single drop of water splashing on dry ground makes everyone’s heart scream for “Garma Garam Pakodas”.

    Ice Cream Pakoda

    ice cream pakoda

    Name: Monika Ice Cream

    Location: Kandivali West

    Timings: 11am to 12 Midnight

    Has anyone ever heard of ice-cream pakoda? We hadn’t either, until we came across Monika Ice Cream. An experimental ice-cream parlour located at Kandivali.

    They take a scoop of vanilla-ice-cream, dunk it into oil and the result is a fried ice-cream covered in batter.

    We hear it’s tasty and delicious! Must try it.


    Cheese Pakoda:

    Cheese Pakoda

    Name: Kailash Parbat

    Location: Linking Road (Bandra West)

    Timings: 11am to 11:30pm

    Cheese Lovers will truly appreciate its existence in any form. A huge dollop filled with cheese is first rolled into a batter, then it is deep fried. What can be more mouth-watering than this?


    Mirchi Bhajiya

    Mirchi BhajiyaName: Gonguura

    Location: Juhu

    Garam Chai and Mirchi Bhajiya is an all time favourite snack. Spicy green chilies deep fried in oil is an extremely good combination. There are many stalls in Mumbai which serve Mirchi Bhaji but we found this to be the best so far.


    Paneer Pakoda

    Paneer Pakoda

    Name: Elco

    Location: Hill Road (Bandra West)

    Timings: 9:30am to 11:30pm

    Paneer Pakoda with hot chai is the ideal snack during monsoon. It is known as a great evening snack to munch on. It is served hot and spicy with soft Paneer pieces that give you a delicious taste. Elco serves you the best of all.


    Chinese Bhajiya

    chinese bhajiya

    Name: Parleshwar Vadapav Samrat

    Location: Vile Parle East

    Timings: 8am to 10pm

    While Parleshwar Vadapav Samrat is known for its spicy vada pav, we have to tell you about its crazy invention, The Chinese Bhajiya. They serve assorted bhajiya (mixed with all Chinese spices) along with every Mumbaikar’s obsession-Schezwan Sauce.


    Sanna Pakoda

    Sanna Pakoda

    Name:  Sindhu Sweets

    Location:  Khar

    Timings: 9am to 9pm

    Sindhi’s favourite Sanaa Pakoda’s, are made up of besan batter with onion and spiced up with coriander and green chilies. It is fried twice first fried in big chunks, second fried in small bites. Sanna Pakoda is served with tomato sauce. They are crispy, crunchy and absolutely irresistible.