Pothole causes gas tanker to topple on Sion-Panvel highway

Pothole causes gas tanker to topple on Sion-Panvel highway

Pothole caused gas tanker to topple on Mumbai’s Sion-Panvel highway

Traffic returned to normal on Mumbai’s Sion-Panvel highway following a three-hour long growl on the course after a gas tanker toppled on its side on Tuesday night.

The tanker driver was trying to avoid causing an accident after spotting a pothole, a senior officer in the Mumbai traffic police said.The capsule tanker transporting gas was going on the southbound extend on Tuesday night around 11.30 pm. After crossing Vashi, as the tanker reached Mankhurd, the driver recognized a pothole out and about in front of him.

“To stay away from the pothole, the driver moved to the second path on the Mankhurd Bridge. In any case, at that correct minute, there was a light motor vehicle in front of him. To avoid dashing into the vehicle, he swerved, yet wound up losing control over the tanker,” said a senior officer from the Mumbai activity police.

While the traffic and fire brigade authorities raced to the scene after the accident and attempted to move the tanker throughout the night, they did not succeed.

An officer said they attempted to move the tanker utilizing cranes. At the point when that did not help, hippo cranes and water driven cranes were brought in.

“The tanker was successfully moved aside at around 8.45 am. Steps were taken to keep the traffic moving,” said Namdeo Shinde, senior investigator at Mankhurd movement division.