Repeated rapes lead a 13 year old and his 10 year old...

Repeated rapes lead a 13 year old and his 10 year old best friend to commit suicide


After being repeatedly raped on 6th July, the victimized 13 year old boy along with his 10 year old best friend and his neighbour, out of humiliation, consumed rat poison. The father of the 13 year old recorded his video describing the accused. The video is very unclear and doesn’t give out much details. Before dying, the kid revealed that the accused had taken the kids to Filterpada in Powai and kept them in separate rooms where he raped them turn by turn. The 10 year old died on 13th July and the 13 year old died on Tuesday morning.

“My son told me the accused took them to separate rooms in Filterpada. For days after the incident, he looked scared. On July 12, he told me they had consumed rat poison near a temple. I rushed him to a hospital. His friend died early next day,” the father said.

The video has been handed over to the police to find clues and take the investigation further. “The video shows the boy saying he was trying to run away, but someone was chasing him. He says the accused’s eyes were scary”, the police said.