Sonali Kulkarni and Manish Paul launched Supriya Parulekar’s novel BFF: Best Friends...

Sonali Kulkarni and Manish Paul launched Supriya Parulekar’s novel BFF: Best Friends Forever


Leadstart Publishing and Landmark Bookstores hosted the book launch on a monsoon evening of July’ 14. The evening saw the book launch of Supriya Parulekar’s novel BFF: Best Friends forever. The book was unveiled by Actress Sonali Kulkarni and Manish Paul.

The event set the tone of a causal, light and a very lively atmosphere. Said Supriya Parulekar “BFF: Best Friend Forever is a story to which most of the teenagers can relate to. The book takes you through the journey of the protagonist’s struggles in a boarding school. Love is an emotion that every youth experiences and talks about how it complicates friendship. The characters are inspired from people I come across in my journey and have incorporated their personality trait. The book has an emotional connect and the youth will easily relate to it.” 

Actress Sonali Kulkarni said, “I am happy that I am called for the book launch. The highlight of the book is its story and characters. I enjoyed reading the book and I am sure the audience will like it too.” 

Manish Paul said, “I would like to congratulate Supriya on her new book launch. The book is very well conceptualized. The writing is so powerful that you actually believe that you are living the protagonist’s life. I wish her good luck and success in all her future endeavors.” 

Swarup Nanda, CEO, Leadstart Publishing excitedly stated “Leadstart Publishing is extremely happy to associate with Supriya Parulekar. She is a writer who pays attention to small details. We sincerely thank Manish Paul and Sonali Kulkarni for being a part of the event.”

BFF: Best Friends Forever is a first person narrative by Tanishq Sehgal who talks about his life as a confused, restless teenager and the mischief-monger  who diligently writes his destiny. In boarding, lonely Tanishq often converses with the mischief-monger, blaming him for the wrongs in his life. He has to prove himself and he does so by beating Mike, national level skate champion. Thus things change for Tanishq and the gorgeous Mira seeks him out. Tanishq’s buddy Varun is madly in love with Mira. Hence, Tanishq tries to maintain a considerable distance with Mira which eventually angers her. Tanishq is ignorant about his best friend Priyanka’s feelings for him back home. Priyanka goes away to London as he grapples with his parents’ crumbling marriage. 10 years later, when he comes across the love of his life, he is in much better position to understand his feelings for Priyanka.