The Food Truck Park- Mumbai Foodie’s Heaven…


    food truck 1Mumbai is now ready with its own 5,000 sq ft. worth space dedicated to real food lovers, called the “food truck park”. The park consists of 10 food trucks parked in, 365 days a year! The amazing park is situated in Bandra and has opened on 14th of July.

    food truck 4

    What’s in it?

    The food park consists of 10-12 trucks which serve a variety of dishes and drinks. To name a few, from Gujarati to Lebanese to even hot dogs of US, they have it all. The trucks are available throughout the day and all year long.

    What to eat?

    You will have a plethora to choose from these trucks. Let’s make it easy for you by telling what’s in the trucks stores. ‘The Hungry JD’s’ truck offers authentic hummus and falafels. ‘The Bombay Food Truck’ offers a variety of desirable hot dogs, crab rolls, prawns and more. ‘By The way’, a mini blue truck offers pizzas and fries with fun toppings like chorizo, bacon and Nutella.

    What to drink?

    Thinking about the hot sunny days when all we want is to quench our thirst? No worries. The food trucks have a variety of trucks that serve liquids too. Various shakes, fruit juices and coolers as well.

    The food truck park also engages separate stalls for home cooks and small entrepreneurs in setting up shops on a rotational basis. The park has seating capacity of about 50, along with a canopy so that not even the rains of Mumbai can stop you from indulging in the grub adventure.

    Where: above Anthony Garage, St. John Road, behind Candies Lane, Bandra west

    Timings: 12 pm – 10 pm